Optimum Physiotherapy testimonials

"I suffered from severe tingling all down my left arm which had gradually been getting worse. Geraldine located the source of the pain and after three sessions, where she manipulated my neck, the pins and needles had gone. She showed me exercises to prevent a recurrance of the pain and I have not had any problems since. I found Geraldine to be reassuring, personable and professional and would highly recommend her as she is a great physiotherapist."    J.O.  Baberton


"I've been having acupuncture from Caroline to help ease the pain of arthritis. It definitely works for me. Some of the medication I had left me with unpleasant side effects, but acupuncture is pain free and has none of these side effects. I would definitely recommend this to anyone suffering from pain"  John  Bonnyrigg


"I had been having persistent headaches for a few weeks after sitting hunched over my laptop. I saw Geoff, who manipulated my neck, gave me some exercises and advised me on a better working posture. I only needed two sessions and the headaches disappeared. I can't recommend Optimum Physiotherapy enough."  Paul   Dalkeith


"I went to see Geraldine after suffering from a torn hamstring for a considerable time. After two treatments there was a huge improvement and I no longer felt pain whilst running. Thankfully, I haven't had a problem with my hamstring since." Yvonne from Penicuik




 "I am a 45 year old pharmacist, a wheelchair user, with quite aggressive multiple sclerosis. I have been attending Optimum Physiotherapy regularly for 18 months now. Caroline is a positive, friendly, and hugely knowledgeable expert in her field. Targeting inner core muscles has impacted positively on my standing strength; transfer strength; posture; and general range of motion.  My regular acupuncture sessions with Caroline also bring a significant and very valued sense of circulatory warmth, fluidity, and spatial awareness to both legs, the benefits of which can be felt for up to two to three weeks after each treatment.  Other symptomatic improvements have included a complete absence  of bladder infections since starting acupuncture. (I self catheterise three times daily and used to be plagued constantly with infections). I have also benefitted greatly from improved body temperature control, a better sleep pattern, and less numbness in my legs, left arm and left fingers specifically.
I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough, and am incredibly grateful for all that she does in helping me to manage, and live well, with this ongoing condition".



I am a 60 year old lady who developed headaches from sinus problems 2 years ago. From September 2014 I suffered from constant infections. I was feeling miserable over the Christmas period and in January had a really bad time ending up 2 weeks in bed with headache,sore ears ,jaws and teeth.  I had two lots of antibiotics and numerous sprays and nasal washes. I was visiting my son in Edinburgh in March still having headaches and nasal congestion.He suggested accupuncture with Caroline and after the first 2 sessions could feel relief. I had 5 sessions in total and have been symptom free to date. Would recommend this treatment it has improved my life these past months and I would go straight back if symptoms returned.

Helen . N Ireland.